Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crafter's Digital Art Center Stick Pin Swaps

Just recently I joined my first stick pin swap. I had been seeing all these neat stick pins that others have been making, and I decided I'd like to try it out. After doing some research on Youtube, and other sites, I decided to dive in, and make some myself. I found the swap posted on Crafter's Digital Art Center, and decided to join in on the swap. I had been in many other types of swaps, and I thought this would be a little different.

A couple of days ago, I received the package of swapped stick pins, and quickly tore into it. It was like Christmas. I had so much fun going through all the little packages, and looking at what everyone had created. They were all so beautiful. I had planned to just take pictures, and post them here. I really wished I could make videos, but I didn't have a video camera, then I remembered, my new iPhone had a video camera, and maybe I could make videos with it. I set out to figure that out, made a test video, and decided it would work nicely for what I wanted to do. So, if you want to see what I came up with, go ahead and check them out. Please keep in mind, These are my first attempts at making videos, so I'm sure they aren't as good as some of the others out there, but I am pleased with the quality of the videos that the camera took.

Here is the " Spring Theme " swap

" Love Themed " swap

If you have the time, I would love it if you would leave me a comment, and let me know what you think.



Anonymous said...

Fabulous pins and I wouldn't have known you hadn't done it before as yours were fabulous...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Tina Campbell said...

Jill I came over to see how you made that beautiful card on CADB today but I didn't see the version of iit on your blog:(
Would love to know how you did when you get a chance, TFS

jean said...

Hi its not about the pins I love your dog card an every one below it!!!