Monday, April 9, 2012

Two New Swaps!!!

Hi everyone. This Saturday, when I came home from a day of shopping, there was a notice on my door from the post office saying that they tried to deliver two packages, and I wasn't there to receive them, so I wasn't able to get them till today, but I did have an idea what they were. Sure enough, I was right, it was the two swaps that I was expecting.

The first one was an Easter egg ornament that Adrienne sent me for the Easter ornament swap at Lil Scrap Of Heaven. The second one was an altered Easter basket that was sent to me from Marisa. This swap was also through Lil Scrap of Heaven.

I made videos of what I got, so if you want to see everything, just click on the videos below.

Thank you so much Adrienne and Marisa. These swaps were a lot of fun...:-) Thanks to Cynthia also, for organizing these swaps for us! 

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