Sunday, September 7, 2008

These are some tags I made using the teabag folding technique for RAKs that I made for one of the scrapbooking groups I'm in.
Here is Ozzy on his 5th birthday. This is a layout I did for, yet, another sketch challenge. As you can tell, I like!
This is another sketch layout I did for a challenge. We where assigned different types of elements and techniques that had to be applied to our layouts. I chose to do a Christmas theme of the kids opening up gifts last Christmas.
Here is a layout that I did for a scetch challenge for one of the groups I'm in. On the way from the school the kids used to attend, there is a large field. During this time of year, it is covered with colorful weeds that I thought make a good place to take pictures of Ozzy. I'm really happy with the way the pictures turned out.